Dementia Prevention

Hearing & Dementia - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma, Louisiana
Back in July, I posted about a report released by the Lancet Commission regarding Nine Modifiable Risk Factors for Dementia. It was proposed that one-third of all dementia cases could be prevented. Of course, I was excited that treating hearing loss by midlife was one of the nine risk factors.
Today I came across the following infographic depicting each modifiable risk factor and it’s proposed contribution to dementia. Treating hearing loss by midlife could eliminate 9% of dementia….NINE PERCENT. WHOA!
That is “treating” hearing loss by midlife. Many people don’t even “diagnose” hearing loss by midlife. My challenge to you is…have your hearing tested! A hearing test is non-invasive and covered by most insurance companies. Why not rule out hearing loss? And…on the off chance that you do have some hearing loss, it can be monitored early and treated when it becomes necessary.
Wouldn’t you like to see that 9% of dementia disappear? As someone who has lost family members to dementia, I would!

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