6 Ways to Handle Hearing Loss During the Holidays & How We Can Help

During the holidays, we get to interact and enjoy ourselves with our friends and families. But this period can be overwhelming for people with hearing problems. All the noise and chaos in the living room, bar, or kitchen can be hard to manage, let alone missing out on jokes or not following conversations.


You shouldn’t feel bad having to ask people to repeat themselves all the time-embrace yourself and enjoy the festive season as well. Here are 6 tips for handling hearing loss during the holidays for you to savor the season.


1. Pick the Right Spot

For a sitting dinner, pick a strategic spot -one that will allow you to listen to and follow conversations easily, yet comfortable enough so that you aren’t drowned in others’ dialogue. You can also sit next to your favorite person. A spot near or next to the wall is also good to help filter out background noise.

Reading lips is also important in noisy environments. So, sit somewhere where you have a clear line of sight to your communication partner’s lips.


2. Limit or Cut Out Background Noise

This step would be easy if you were the host. If not, you can request the host to accommodate you and turn off or turn the volume of the TV or music system down. You can also ask to be given a spot at the table near a wall to cancel background noises. These are things you can plan for earlier by contacting the host so that you don’t come across as rude.



3. If You Have Hearing Aids, Use Them

Don’t neglect your hearing aids since you’ll be around many people, thus a lot of noise. Hearing aids will also remind family and friends of your hearing loss; they’ll know how to act and communicate around you. If you don’t own one or want to upgrade, don’t hesitate to get your high-quality hearing aids here in Houma, LA.

4. Technology is Your Friend

A hearing aid might not be enough to hold conversations in the kitchen or bar with almost everyone excited and jolly. You know how the holidays are! Some hearing aids are compatible with companion microphones that can help when it’s really noisy! Even if you don’t have a hearing aid, an Assistive Listening Device can boost your hearing in all the noise and buzz. Some phones can be used as a remote microphone/sound amplifier with a pair of headphones. This can be a good option for close conversations.

5. Be Honest

It’s good to be honest with those around you. Don’t just nod, pretending that you are following everything that’s happening. Request people to repeat themselves whenever you miss something; This will make your interactions more meaningful and less awkward.


6. Be Patient and Take a Break

Patience with yourself and those around you will help you enjoy the moment. Don’t be disappointed when you miss some parts during conversations or when someone speaks too fast or softly. Trying to follow a chat can be overwhelming. You can always take a walk outside, where noise levels are lower, and relax.


We Are Glad To Help

Holidays are for enjoyment. It doesn’t mean that you should miss the company of your family and friends just because you have hearing loss. Here at Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, we are always ready to help make sure you enjoy the festivities.

We offer thorough examinations and high-quality hearing aids and accessories for those with hearing loss throughout Louisiana. You can trust us to deliver. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started.

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