Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, the day when the Three Wise Men (or Kings) visit Jesus in the manger. For us Louisianans it signals the start of King Cake or Carnival Season. Yum!

I couldn’t help but think of people with hearing loss during the holidays. Many events are noisy, including family gatherings, and this is where people with hearing loss experience the most trouble: in group settings or noisy places. How many people were participating in family or other social events with hearing loss? We know that only about 30% of people with hearing loss wear hearing aids. Many do not get tested.

An epiphany is defined as an experience of a sudden realization or revelation. Did you have an epiphany during the holidays? How much of the conversation did you miss? Could you hear your children, grandchildren, family, friends? More importantly, do you wish you had heard better? A hearing test is non-invasive, affordable, takes less than an hour, and the results are available immediately. It may be that you do not need hearing instruments now but it is helpful to document any beginning of hearing loss for future comparison. Everyone should consider having a baseline hearing test and receive personalized recommendations from an audiologist.

Take the Hearing Health Quiz to assess your risk of hearing loss.

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