Hearing Loss & Dementia

Better Hearing - Comprehensive Hearing Solutions, Houma, Louisiana
An article was published earlier this month (July 20), commenting on methods of prevention of dementia. Reportedly, about 1/3 of all dementia cases could be prevented. Wow!
The Lancet Commission of Dementia Prevention and Care (a group of 24 international experts) released a report detailing nine “modifiable risk factors” – so nine things we can do something about! Of course, smoking and physical activity appear on the list, but the commission also listed “treating hearing loss in mid-life” – how EASY is that?
I challenge you: Why wait to check your hearing if it could mean delaying or preventing brain-related changes? A hearing exam is non-invasive, inexpensive, and could give you the peace of mind that you are doing what you can to combat the negative effects of hearing loss.

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